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tells fairy tales and other stories. Since 1983 he performs in many different places like small theatres, schools, libraries and sometimes even on a ferryboat on the river Rhine in Basle... for children, young and elder people, adults, families...
He has often been invited to conferences and festivals of storytelling In Germany (e.g. Aachen, Cologne, Freiburg, Mannheim, Munich, Nuremberg, Remscheid, Stuttgart), Switzerland, Austria, France and Canada.

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GIDON HOROWITZ tells usually in german, but he also speaks english and french. He chooses his PROGRAM according to the venue and the public.

His REPERTOIRE includes tales from all over the world, from the jewish tradition, the middle and far east, Ireland, Scotland, Northern, Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, Africa, Northern America... And sometimes he also tells his own stories.

Gidon Horowitz has published several BOOKS, a CD and a cassette (all in german). You can have a look on them by changing to the german sites "Bücher" and "Kassetten"

Gidon Horowitz (Foto Z. Pluszynski)

Gidon Horowitz gives WORKSHOPS on many different items like

Telling stories lively
Meeting images and symbols of a fairy tale
Tales in the mountains


was born 1953 in Tel Aviv (Israel) and grew up in Vienna (Austria). He lives near Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany) and works as a Storyteller, writer and Jungian Analyst.



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